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Advocating for Human Rights & Democracy


 Expert Testimony and Analysis 

Americans for Kashmir connects policymakers with recognized experts on Kashmir and provides trusted analysis on developments in the region. American for Kashmir’s network includes a diverse group of career diplomats, former White House officials, academics, and human rights advocates.

 Grassroots Coordination 

Americans for Kashmir coordinates closely with Kashmiri-American communities across the country to engage their elected officials and also provides offices with state and district-specific information on constituents who have direct ties to Kashmir.

 Centering Kashmiri Voices 

Americans for Kashmir collects stories from Kashmiri-Americans who have been directly impacted by the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the region. We work with congressional offices to identify compelling narratives that address different aspects of the human rights/humanitarian crisis (effects of the blackout, impact on civil society, human rights abuses, religious freedom, etc.) as well as Kashmiri American constituents from specific member districts.


Americans for Kashmir curates unbiased and verified reporting on Kashmir and Kashmiri Americans and categorizes by impact area. Americans for Kashmir works with NGOs in multiple spaces that want access to authentic information from Kashmir.

 coalitions & Partnerships 

Americans for Kashmir regularly partners with NGOs, think-tanks, and other organizations to highlight a diversity of Kashmiri voices, offer expertise and support the advocacy efforts of other underrepresented communities. 


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